Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dinner table small talks

Our dinning hall is one of the best places at XLRI.

Ofcourse I am not talking about the food ...

Dinning hall is a place where ideas are exchanged, views are presented and opinions are formed. And sometimes you get to hear some interesting narrations ;-)...

Today my luck favored me so that I could be at the right table at the right time...

The discussion was already on.. the topic that was being discussed immediately caught my attention.. It was on dreams and the interpretation of it... my table mates were sharing their experiences and it was quite fascinating.. I thanked myself that I chose the right table.. today it would not be another drab conversion and usual cribbing on assignments, and marks in mid-term exams..

But the best was yet to come..

One of my table mates was sharing his experience... it went like this (the conversation)

'One night even I also had a dream... it was like one night I came down to the ground floor to find out that my bike was missing'

'Oh no.. you must have felt very bad'

'Yea.. but then I realised in my dream that I was actually dreaming.. infact I realized that I even did not bring my bike at XL... But even though it was only a dream I was curious about the missing bike.. So I kept on dreaming'

'Ohh..really.. could you do that?? I mean, how one can dream when he knows he is dreaming?'

'I know.. but my curiosity got better of me.. so I let my dream to continue.. I felt bad that I had to go to police station to lodge complain and all that.. God knows how the police here at Jsr would behave with me!!'

'Did you find your bike.. I mean in your dream'

'No man.. before I could even go to the police station I had to get was already late in the morning.. God knows what happened to my bike!!!'

My friend signed off in a pensive mood and I kept wondering...

Life is so beautiful :-P

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